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  1. Roar - Katy Perry (by Kayla Mctaggart)

About me

18 yrs old , 5'4


I'm an absolute silly person with a bubbly personality, a helpless romantic (yes I meant helpless and not hopeless) and a very emotional person. I cry during Disney movies (because I'm that cool), guys suck, and my hearts been broken countless times by countless people, but I always try to find good in everyone. Giving people advice and making people smile is what I do best, and I love talking to everyone, & if you piss me off I'll most likely forgive you because why should I live life stressing about the little things?

LOVES: Aggressiveness, blue, sex in the city re-runs, kisses, chinese food, typography, Marianas Trench, smartfood, drinking milk out of the bag, summer mornings, playing with animals ears, being loud and random, laughing until my gut hurts, late night phone conversations, junk food, my guitar <3, tackling and beating up my close friends, cuddling and making no sense.

HATES: brussel sprouts, homophobia, racism, thunderstorms, players, haters, cheaters, little kids that are taller than me, people who bring up my past just to piss me off and monday's.

Singing and Writing songs is basically my life...
I live for the feeling I get when I perform.. The feeling I get after writing a song.. The feeling and the ability to slip out of my skin and have so many other voices beyond my own while writing.. The feeling I get when a song touches me emotionally and in a way that no other song is able to do..